Sunday, February 24, 2013

I had a baby

I honestly can not believe that I had a baby. Its the craziest thing i've every done! Henry is here and I want to write up my whole birth story but i'm so exhausted that my fingers are barely making it to the keys right now. Henry is beautiful and perfect and I can't believe that he's all mine! (and stephens of course) being a mom is a bizzare experience as is nursing and just having a child to care for in general! I know it will become my new normal and in the meantime we are trying to get as much sleep as we possibly can with an infant.

Stephen has been so so so amazing and I could NOT ask for a better husband. He is so helpful and willing to learn. How I ended up with such a wonderful man is beyond me but I am utterly grateful for the blessing he is! He's just such a good daddy! ugh!

Heres a family picture, which Henry looks... weird in.

And although i realize that he just has gas, I love when he smiles in his sleep!

Babies awake! ahhh

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A few days Overdue

So, I'm officially a few days overdue. BLEH! Its really horrible! I knew it was in my start but seriously, i was not prepared for how ready I now feel to get this baby out of me!

So heres a kind of funny picture of me at 15 weeks feeling "huge" and at 40 weeks feeling perfectly normal sized...
also notice my super long hair *proud* and my ever inflating lips and nose.

If pregnancy has taught me anything its that parts of your body you didnt even know could grow, can. I am SO beyond thrilled to get back in the gym and run my little (not so little) butt off!

Wish me luck in the next few days and hopefully we will have a baby her soon (ish).

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pregnant polly

Just call me Procrastinating pregnant polly! Yes it has been almost a year since I wrote in this blog. *embarassing!* Yes a million things have happened since then! ahhh! and YES I'm having a baby any day now. Crazy!

So lets start. I'll just list all the craziness and get this blog post started. 

So in May I got my first real real job! I am officially a first grade teacher and I really enjoy it! The kids are crazy, but oh so cute and its just really fun. Then in June after accepting my first real job I found out that I was going to have a baby...

SO the story goes:
I hadn't been feeling well and I was  about a month into doing PSR. I would come home every day and fall asleep for hours! I don't nap like that so I was super confused thinking that maybe I was just sick and recouping from that little experience called college. ha! I also had just been super bloated and uncomfortable for a few weeks. Finally I took the bate and grabbed the pregnancy test that a friend had jokingly given me for my bridal shower 5 MONTHS EARLIER! ahhh what the heck! 5 months?! crazy. Anyway it was... positive. I panicked but then thought NOOO there's no way! (double ha!)

I googled the accuracy of a cheap pregnancy test ( who am I?) and it turns out that a positive pregnancy test is pretty much just that... positive. So I panicked and didn't tell the hubs. He went off to work and I ran to the grocery store to buy more expensive tests (hah why!?-like that will help) Came home and took all three. You guessed it positive, positive, positive. So I cried. and then I kept crying. Then I left the tests on the counter for Stephen to find when he got home from work. (mean!)

For the next week, I convinced myself that it wasnt real and that all the tests were wrong. When the doctor confirmed it, I cried! And I continued to cry for weeks after. Finally around four months I came to terms with the whole thing and now I just cant believe that I'm going to be a mommy! I'm so thrilled to meet this little human boy and it just freaks me out with excitement! 

                                 Eight months pregnant and fat and happy!

So here I am nine months later and just waiting out the last week before the bubs is here!

In the past nine months we've found out I was pregnant, visited family in MI, visited family in MS, visited more family in UT and tried to keep sane through figuring out all this stuff that you need for a baby! It's been thrilling and terrifying and I can't imagine doing this all without the hubs! He's the real unsung hero of this story, always there and supportive and always working so hard to keep our family afloat and happy. He's so wonderful! 

Anyway I want to try to keep this blog up so I can keep everyone in the know with the beebs and our life. Wish me luck!

                                                              Look at my sexy hubs!!!