Sunday, February 24, 2013

I had a baby

I honestly can not believe that I had a baby. Its the craziest thing i've every done! Henry is here and I want to write up my whole birth story but i'm so exhausted that my fingers are barely making it to the keys right now. Henry is beautiful and perfect and I can't believe that he's all mine! (and stephens of course) being a mom is a bizzare experience as is nursing and just having a child to care for in general! I know it will become my new normal and in the meantime we are trying to get as much sleep as we possibly can with an infant.

Stephen has been so so so amazing and I could NOT ask for a better husband. He is so helpful and willing to learn. How I ended up with such a wonderful man is beyond me but I am utterly grateful for the blessing he is! He's just such a good daddy! ugh!

Heres a family picture, which Henry looks... weird in.

And although i realize that he just has gas, I love when he smiles in his sleep!

Babies awake! ahhh

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  1. I love your family pic... Henry's face is hilarious :) I read that smiling in sleep is a sign of being content, not gas, and I just like the idea of a content baby... makes me feel like a good mom. Congrats again!