Sunday, June 30, 2013

June escapades!

So much has happened in June and even more will happen in July! Life is getting crazy and I love it!

I cant seem to flip it but look how much hair he had! Hes bald now.
On June 3rd I turned the big ole 23! If you read my previous post, I honestly didn't think that I would be where I am at 23 but I don't think its possible to be happier. I love my family, I love my home and I love this life!

So Henry and I have just been playing and adjusting to life as a stay at home mom and son. I think he loves having me home because he really is the perfect baby! *knock on wood* but he rarely cries he is only waking up twice a night right now (1:30 and 5:30 and then up for the day at 8:30). I had a child development major who needed test practice come over and give him the Denver II and he is normal in all areas and advanced in social communication (shocker). He is so beautiful and fun and perfect and I can't believe how much I love him!!

On June 16th my mom and Zoee and Shelby came to visit for my birth and we went to bear world and did other various Rexburg things. Henry also went for his first swim and loved it!

Heres the tale in pictures!

Queenie is here! Zoee does a photo bomb.

 His first swim!

Having so much fun with the aunties.

I honestly dont know how shelby is related to us...

Classy mullet baby.
Auntie Shelby!

Auntie Zoee!
This is just a funny picture to me.
It takes two... or four.
"baby Henry, Baby Henry, Riding on a pig baby Henry"- Bear world!
Then we tried on hats. He looked good in everything.

Then we went to Utah for a few days and just had fun being together! We visited my grandparents (moms side) and got a 4 generation pic. Sadly my Great Grandma Frances passed away a few days after Henry was born so we missed the 5 generation by a few but what you do? Shes in a better place!
Cousin Kia in Utah! Shes obviously thrilled.

Four Generations with Grandma and Grandpa Reese!
Henry and I came home and hung around Rexburg for a few days. We went to AG days (agriculture days) with our friend Lauren and her adorable baby William. We've been at the gym every day working on our fitness. Henry Just creeps on the elipticals but it all works out. We tried to swim in the baby pool that my mom got us which was ridiculously cold but still thoroughly entertaining, and we've been dying of the heat that wont quit!

Carriage ride up the hill!
These boys with the pigs.

This past weekend Zoee and her boyfriend John came into town to go to a friends wedding reception and they were able to stay with us which was SO fun! We absolutely loved having them. They took care of Henry on Saturday and I got a much needed nap which was amazing. We tried to go to Hunstman springs but realized that babies, fireworks, hurricane weather and heat really dont mix that well. But it was still so fun to have family around and it made me with we lived closer.

Loves his auntie Zoee and future uncle John!
Sometimes I have to strangle the baby to get him to look. Whatevs.

Stephen has been working his tail off at school and we rarely see him but when we do Henry is absolutely thrilled! He loves his daddy and they have so much fun together.

Lovin his daddy!
Sometimes Stephen drinks mate like this...

Basically our summer so far has been wonderful and I've been enjoying it thoroughly! Now I just cant wait for the adventures of July!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Being a mother

So I just found some writing of mine from college and I'm feeling that life is very profound.

I seemed to have gone through this life with blinders on. Its so easy to get wrapped up in all that is adolescence. When I emerged from that retched time in life I realized that I had so much to say and become. It was a thrilling experience! I had so many plans of who I would be and what I wanted in my life. Its ironic because it seemed that the minute I reached out and was pulled from childhood, I was forced into adulthood, complete with a serious boyfriend and impending college degree. I can honestly say that I dont remember what happened the first three years of my college experience. I remember  taking a bunch of old cupcakes after work one day and then distributing them around campus with backhanded compliments written on the boxes. I remember watching every episode of the OC  on Melanies bed. I remember throwing fireworks out the window and getting screamed at. I remember walking up that dreaded hill. I remember only bits and pieces of the whole thing. Then one day it seemed that I woke up married... and pregnant. Wait, how did my life take this turn. I owned couches and a king size bed and two cars and there was a baby coming. But I'm only 15... right? Wait, when did I turn 22?

Then this baby was born and everything that I thought about myself went out the window. I realized that I am a completely different person than I was 5 years ago.

I am now a mother.
I have a child who loves me more than he loves anyone else in the entire world.
A husband who is beyond my best friend. I didnt know that this love was in my future at 15.
Its an amazing love!
I can make decisions for my family and its ok if they are wrong because we will learn together.
I have a family...

I always thought of families as something for the older type. I wouldn't have a family for years to come. Well time sped up and now here I am.

The past doesn't matter.
Old boyfriends and flings don't matter.
Old friends dont matter.
I am a mother.
Everything that I've ever done has prepared me for this time in my life.
When a child looks up at you with the utmost admiration and love.
As harsh as it may be, If you are not in my family circle, I don't care about your opinion.
 I have become a mother and everything that that entails.

I wasnt prepared for the amount of love that you can feel for another human being and I never want to be without this family of mine.
I'm not prepared to be a mother, no one is.
I'm not preapred to be a wife.
I'm only prepared to love and be loved the way that only a family can allow.

This life snuck up behind me but its the only life I ever want. I will take the mundane, the uninteresting, non-edgy, unhip, "boring", frustrating, lifestyle that I have stumbled upon
because I now see color, so vivid and bright that nothing could be better. Nothing could be clearer. Nothing can beat
being a mother.