Monday, September 30, 2013

JC Penny

My mother and Grandmother each of a little "shrine" of seven month pictures in their homes of their children. I've always loved these little shrines because seven months is such a fun age and Its so fun to look back on the pictures of my sisters and I as well as my dad and aunts and uncles.

Needless to say, I want one of these shrines!

So being the classy (read poor) family that we are, I scrounged up some resources (read asked my mother) and got some pictures of Henry. Now I pride myself on being a photography connoisseur. I love modern photography and I understand that for a good photographer, sometimes you have to pay a little more. interestingly enough my resources suggested JC Penny. Now, like I said, I'm a photo snob! I tilted up my nose to the idea of getting my childs once in a lifetime portraits at JC Penny. Bleh! AMIRIGHT!

I caved and we went.

ummm Hello his pictures are adorable!!! Turns out that they are good enough and when you have an adorable baby like myself getting some good timeless pics is easy!!

Now heres a photo dump!


Grandpa was there so of course he had to jump in!

Looking cute on Sunday!

Sometimes we look cute on Sunday.

This day was no exception.
*Pictures were taken on the porch of our new Apt!

Apple picking!

Stephen and I wanted to take Henry apple picking this fall but in Rexburg they harvest all the apples by the end of September and we wanted to go before all the students so we ended up going at the end of August. There were still so many apples and it was so fun to watch Henry  chow down on the freshly picked apples. He loved and Stephen and I had a blast!

Monday, September 23, 2013

What I know about my seven and a half month old

Henry is seriously the best ting thats ever happened to me! I love him!

I'm also very tired but I wanted to get down a few things before dream land.

1. Henry is afraid of the vacuum. It scares him every time! I have to vacuum while hes in another room or try to distract him its so funny.

2. He is wearing nine month clothes and is almost in 12 month clothes. Hes a skinny mini at 18 lbs but is super tall I guess. Hmm weird, how did that happen?

3. He had is first cold this past few days and it was the saddest thing. His little nose was runny and we practiced blowing it but he hated it and just screamed and ripped the tissue up. Honestly it was pretty entertaining but also a little annoying. I with he could just blow his own nose! One day, one day.

4. He loves food. If I let him, he would eat and eat and eat.

5. Hes such a good nap taker and i'm so glad! They may not always be the longest naps but he always goes down so easily. Its a huge blessing because i'm the least patient person ever.

6. He is officially too big for his infant car seat and I'm devastated. We had to buy him a big boy chair today but he's not a big boy yet and thats just crazy! How did he go from this...

to this?!?! ahhhh!

7. Hes such a sweet thing! He loves to cuddle and sing songs and give kisses. Ugh! I just love him!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Yes you heard me! I'm an absolute creep. I just spent 2 hours blog stalking random people. WHy?! Why you may ask.... well...

Anyway, not the purpose of this post. I wanted to talk about the past really quick. Heres some pictures from some super fun past things that i've done and I wanted to put them on this blog for all of posterity! haha. But seriously, I was reminicing the other day and I've done some pretty funny things.

I had a pudding fight with my roomates!! This was so absolutely the worst FHE EVER!!! But the memories that came out of it were oh so fun! We all had to shower off fully clothed  which was hysterical and the boy of my dreams (at the time) realized i was a complete loser who couldnt care less about his opinion! And I learned that pretty boys can be complete tools. awwwhhh the lessons of youth!

I wore this on my head... because.

We were rednecks for a bit and this picture is of our future children! ( I hope)

Masked monkey men scared the poo out of me.

We had a chola party that no one came to but was so dang FUN!! Plus I got to have a tramp stamp so, ya success overall!

I went to llama fest. It spit on me. I think the guy that I went with was secretly engaged but didnt want me to know! haha

I tried out for american idol and went with these girls who I didnt even know. I did horribly and it was a miserable day. But dang was I skinny and my hair looked good!

Melanie and I dressed up in Ziggys clothes for a halloween lunch that no one else dressed up for. 

We decided this was a good idea...

We played in this weird cage thing!

I went to the ice caves and almost died i'm pretty sure but it was so fun and cool!

I got into a rooney concert for free (oh wait, so did everyone else) and took a picture by their truck!

I went to Warped tour and watched this horrible mariachi band! Again, my hair was adorable that summer!

I dressed up like a Utah girl and pretended like I got my Young womens medallion for this hysterical photo shoot with roommates. I never actually got my medallion. 

I lived in this tiny apartment above the thai restraunt with this gorgeous girl and this amazing couch. I slept on the floor for heaven sake! 

I had a really cute bike. Again, So skinny! what the heck!

We saw Carrie Underwood in concert and it was amazing!!! My sisters are gorgeous. 

I went to color fest three times during my college career. The last with the love of my life and even though he looks to have a mutant pregnant belly here, I still love him!

I went to Israel and among other things rode a camel on the banks of the Nile river at sunset. This trip was the best of my lifetime. 

I wore snuggies!!!

I got a cat and took a ridiculous amount of pictures of her. and I still do so that hasnt changed.

I got a bunny and then let it do whatever it wanted and never took care of it and my roomates hated me. Woops! But they also loved me because I'm awesome!

I took pictures with my seester in front of a balloon wall. It was cool!

I saw a pumpkin that looked like yoda. 
All in all, I had such an amazing college career and its fun to look back on all the old pictures that I have laying around! Life was so carefree back then (2 years ago Ha!) and we did such stupidly hilarious things!! cheers to where we've been and where we are going!