Monday, September 23, 2013

What I know about my seven and a half month old

Henry is seriously the best ting thats ever happened to me! I love him!

I'm also very tired but I wanted to get down a few things before dream land.

1. Henry is afraid of the vacuum. It scares him every time! I have to vacuum while hes in another room or try to distract him its so funny.

2. He is wearing nine month clothes and is almost in 12 month clothes. Hes a skinny mini at 18 lbs but is super tall I guess. Hmm weird, how did that happen?

3. He had is first cold this past few days and it was the saddest thing. His little nose was runny and we practiced blowing it but he hated it and just screamed and ripped the tissue up. Honestly it was pretty entertaining but also a little annoying. I with he could just blow his own nose! One day, one day.

4. He loves food. If I let him, he would eat and eat and eat.

5. Hes such a good nap taker and i'm so glad! They may not always be the longest naps but he always goes down so easily. Its a huge blessing because i'm the least patient person ever.

6. He is officially too big for his infant car seat and I'm devastated. We had to buy him a big boy chair today but he's not a big boy yet and thats just crazy! How did he go from this...

to this?!?! ahhhh!

7. Hes such a sweet thing! He loves to cuddle and sing songs and give kisses. Ugh! I just love him!

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  1. My little girl is just barely starting to blow her nose in a tissue and she is 20 months! You still got time to let him learn that! He is growing up too fast! So dang cute!