Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Finally we have internet!!!

Its an absolute miracle! We finally have internet in our new apartment and I'm so happy!! I've been wanting to share pictures from our trip forever and now I can yay!!

So a lot has changed over on our side. We quite our managing job, stephen got a job at little caesers, We moved to a great apartment next to married people (yay!), our ward is great, Henry has his own room, Henry is 7 months old, Stephen starts school on Monday, ahhh! Its crazy over here!

Anyway, this summer we took an amazing trip to see family in Mississippi and Michigan and here are some of our adventures!

First was Mississppi! I already did a post about Lydias wedding which was absolutely beautiful so I wont go into that. We also
Henry cuddled with his favorite Grammy!

We went to New Orleans!!

And the New Orleans Aquarium! So fun!

Henrys eyes got bigger... oh wait. 

The cousins got caught in some shark teeth.

The Moore Men!

Happy fam blam

We pet some sting rays

I mean...!! I die.

The babes got stuck in a fish tank.

I love them!!

Henry Loves Auntie Krista!

They caught a big fish!


Eating fancy foods in New orleans!
Then we flew to MI and watched duck dynasty... well and
Pure JOY

Unsure about Ollie

Cuddles with his favorite queenie!

The animal whisperer

bah! His face!

Bah!! Bens face!

Shelby Modeled!

So cute!

He liked her hair.


Friends!!! We miss them terribly.

Henry was skeptical.

And planning to punch someone in the face if they tried to get between him and his queenie.

Great Grandpa shorty loved hanging with Henry!! and vice versa.

Four generations!

He could have stayed in this all day!

Drunk babies. EH

The hat!

He loves his auntie Mill!!

And his Auntie shelbs!

Fav shot

OOO Kisses!

Dad is so comfy.


Shelby, Henry and I practicing for prom at the cheesecake factory.

Basically it was an amazing trip and we absolutely had a blast seeing everyone!! Until next time, peace love, the gap.

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  1. oh me oh my baby is a cutie pie!
    that rhymed
    on purpose
    for Hens