Friday, August 23, 2013

Baby Must Haves!

The other day I was thinking about when Henry was first born. Before he was born I read every blog about every possible thing that you could have as a parent for when your baby got to the world! Some of the suggestions were great and some of them were downright stupid. SOOOOO I decided to put my own list together. haha! Hopefully my suggestions dont end up to be just plain stupid so I'll do my best!

1. a wubbanub-
No one tells you this but babies WILL NOT keep a paci in their mouth. They fall asleep what seems like every 10 minutes and spit it out or it falls out and they will inevitably wake up screaming... lovely. A wubbanub is a miracle. A literal miracle. Its a little stuffed animal that sits on the end of a paci and it has weighted feet to keep the paci in perfect reach of your little babes mouth so when they wake up they can just suck that paci back in and fall back to sleep. Hallelujah!! Get one, get one please! For the love of sleep get one!

2. Nose Frida
Now I'm not saying this snot sucker will change your life, but i'm going to be honest, this snot sucker may change your life! I hate hate hate those bulb sucker things. They dont work! They are so awful and how the heck are you supposed to clean it?! The nose frida is amazing! It may look a little gross and you may cry the first time you use it. (I was sure that I was going to get snot in my mouth!) Trust me when I say that you will not. No snot in your mouth only out of babies nose. No worries your mouth is safe!

3. Leggings
Dont be crazy. A baby does not need jeans! A baby does not need dresses and skirts! A baby needs leggings and one peice pajamas. Your newborn wants to warm and comfy and thats about it! My absolute favorite leggings are from baby gap. They fit so well and are so comfy and cozy! Please wait until your baby can fit into 9 month clothes to go crazy with their clothes. My faves! P.S. go up a size if you plan to use cloth diapers because those things are FLUFFY!!

4. Nursing pads
This may seem unnecessary if you are not nursing... honestly I dont know. If you are nursing however, stock UP! Henry is 6 months old and I'm STILL wearing these darn things. You are going to leak and leak and then leak some more. It honestly feels like it never ends. These are the best ones. Hands down.

5. Sponge bath
Ok so everyone said that washing you baby in the sink was super easy or that a baby bath was such a good idea. LIES. Worst idea ever. Henry fit in our sink for... one bath. Our baby bath was horrible because shockingly our newborn could not hold his head straight to sit in it. UGH!!! We were at our wits end and bath time was pretty miserable. Then my mom said, "you should just get a bath sponge." Ugh mom! This is the 21st century! (I think anyway) A bath sponge is so lame. If I dont spend $600 on every baby item that I buy then I'm a bad mom! Ok lies again amiright! So we caved and got a bath sponge. Best 5 dollars I've ever spent! Please get one people. Your baby wont drown and your wrists and forearms will thank you!

6. A bouncy seat
Now this isnt one of must haves but it definitely helped us! We would put him in it all the time. When we ate, when I cleaned, when I watched TV and didnt want to hold him, when I wanted to sleep in but he didnt want me to, basically all the time. A swing is another great option but Henry wasn't super into the swing so the bouncy chair it was! It saved our lives for months!

7. Swaddle Blankets
Swaddle swaddle swaddle. Every day, every day! These blankets are perfect for swaddling and now we use them for everything including a sun shade! Plus they have so many cute styles now.

8. Baby Carrier
There are so many carriers all of a sudden! I have the baby k'tan which was beyond perfect for my little tiny bub and now I use it for travel etc. I can't imagine going without a baby carrier and I would tell you to get at least one. It could save your arms in the process!
My last suggestions for all those new mommys out there are:
Get a pack and play or basinet and let you baby sleep in your room for the first few months. I was so anti baby in my room but dang did it help in the sleep realm. I would not have slept if he was in another room, straight up.

Please get a stroller/carseat combo. This is a no brainer so just do it. 

My rocking chair saved my life (and continues to). A sleep deprived mommy + stuff on the floor + new baby=danger. When I knew where that chair was and I could just plop myself down, I was a happy (and safe) mommy! 

Dont worry about fancy bedding. I'm glad I have mine for when this babe can actually use bedding (mostly because I'm poor now) but if you can, wait it out! All you need is three fitted crib sheets which you can get at target for like 7 bucks. Poop, pee, butt paste and spit up will cover your sheets in the end so dont go crazy with high end yuck! Its all going in the trash in a few months anyway!

Ok my baby is screaming like a vulture so I guess I'll go pick him up. ha! 

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  1. I may or may not have 5 different wubbanubs sitting in my amazon basket before I even read this post. now I know that they are functional as well as adorable I am SOLD. Cute post!