Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I know About my 15 week old

I'm seriously in love with a baby here folks!
Henry is the most darling little boy of my whole life! I could NOT ask for a better baby.

Heres some things that I know about my 15 week old (holy crap hes getting old!)

-Henry loves to play airplane. His laugh is jovial when we play!

-He's ticklish! He laughs and laughs and laughs when I tickle him.

-Henry loves his momma. He is starting to become quite attached to this mama.

-I've never seen a more cuddly baby. He just snuggles right into your body and game over. This kid loves to cuddle.

-He's a flirt! He flirts with every girl that says hello. He will smile and giggle and look away etc. The whole bit!

-I go get him weighed tomorrow so I'll keep you updated on all that.

-He has yet to roll all the way over but we've been practicing and he will go onto his side now. Yay!

So I'm officially done with school and I couldn't be happier! I didn't know that it was so exciting to stay home and change dirty diapers and do lots of dishes and laundry. I didn't realize that I could get so excited over such things but I really, truly am! Even though its not the life style many would choose, I can't imagine living any other way. It has been very difficult for me to leave Henry with a sitter ever day (no matter how amazing you are Lauren!) But now its done and I never have to leave again. I know some may say that I need to keep working to support my family but I say screw that! It might not be popular but there's no way I'm going to miss out on my babies first few years so that I can be popular! I am absolutely THRILLED to be a mommy and can't wait for the adventures that it brings!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


So I've had quite a few questions about cloth! I wanted to write a little overview about my cloth experience this past month and my overall feelings about the whole thing. I plan to write a more comprehensive post about the different brands that I've tried and my likes, dislikes etc!

First of all I  LOVE CLOTH!!! When I got pregnant and before that even I swore up and down that I would never do two things.
1.) Use cloth diapers (yuck yuck yuck!)
2.) Bed share. (scary and dude I need my space)

Bed sharing is a whole nother turkey which I'm sure I will blog about at some point. I'm still very anti bed sharing because dude I need my space but... lets just say it happens. When Its 3 AM and you've only slept about 3 hours since 9 PM, you do whatever you can!

Back to the fluff though (cloth diapers are often called fluff-weird cloth diaper slang)
A few things you need to know

CD=Cloth Diaper
PUL- polyurethane laminated fabric (this is what makes the diaper waterproof)
Gussets-You know the ruffles on disposable diapers that keep all the nasty in? Thats a gusset
trim/bulk-Self explanatory
(these terms will be used in my cloth 

Heres my cloth story.
I was completely anti cloth before I had Henry. I had a definite no way no how attitude.

Why in the world would I want to be near another humans waste? Its so confusing and gross whats the point? I'm not that green or environmentally concerned so whats the need?

 These were my thoughts. Even after Henry was born, I went to go visit teach and the girl (who had just had a baby as well) was telling us all about how shes using cloth and its not even gross. Ya right I thought, and then commended her on her efforts.

A few weeks passed and we got our washer and dryer!! I absolutely LOVE our washer and dryer! Lets just say that I have the best daddy in the whole world!! I just wanted to wash EVERYTHING! One day as I was perusing facebook my friend Lisa (shout out) posted about her experience with cloth. I was like "dude no way!" It looked so fun and her little boy looked SO cute in it! His butt was extra fluffy and so stinking cute crawling around. That same day I had to run to the store to exchange some boxes of disposables that I didnt want for some that I actually liked and did want. This took forever long and it was annoying and not exciting! When I got home, I did a little cloth research. Oh they were so cute! I just had to buy some. Why not right? might as well try it. If I hated it I could always sell them! (cloth sells extremely well and really holds its resale value!) So I ordered some. Then they came in the mail. Then I put them on Henry. Holy cow did he look cute! I started with four type. My diaper outake was getting significantly smaller and Stephens room was smelling a lot better! (we have no room for a diaper pale so we just use grocery bags, yuck) Plus I got to use my new washing machine!! WIn win!

Needless to say I became obsessed. We now have 18 pocket diapers of varying brand, 6 prefolds and 1 cover. I plan to buy 1 more pocket (because I just love the rumparooz and want another!) another cover for when the other gets dirty, a diper sprayer and wipe solution.

There has never been a time when I said "whoa, this is ridiculous and gross and I dont know why I'm doing it." I thoroughly enjoy everything about CDing. Today came pretty close when we had a massive blow out in a prefold but the cover held it all in quite well so no worries there! I enjoy not taking the trash out every day. I enjoy spending nothing on disposables that will simply go into the ground and pollute the earth (look at me being so green!) I enjoy the quite time of stuffing the diapers. I enjoy washing the diapers and hanging them up to dry ( I feel so motherly!) I enjoy how much better they are for my baby. I enjoy how he looks in them! I enjoy how easy they are. Basically I just really enjoy them and they have become something to keep me occupied and they are just oh so dang fun!

Cloth is quite a large investment but can definitely be done on a budget. I've allowed myself to go a little crazy but you dont have to be me!  Stephen and I plan to CD every baby we have and therefore paid a little more upfront in order to get the best, highest quality brands that we can find and that works for our baby. We figure that if we can make most of these dipes last for two children (so 4 is years) we will be saving at least 1,000 if not more money. That's good enough for us!

Just found this little charmer! Henry is completely sold on CDing, Will... still up in the air! 
Gotta love these friends!!