Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I know About my 15 week old

I'm seriously in love with a baby here folks!
Henry is the most darling little boy of my whole life! I could NOT ask for a better baby.

Heres some things that I know about my 15 week old (holy crap hes getting old!)

-Henry loves to play airplane. His laugh is jovial when we play!

-He's ticklish! He laughs and laughs and laughs when I tickle him.

-Henry loves his momma. He is starting to become quite attached to this mama.

-I've never seen a more cuddly baby. He just snuggles right into your body and game over. This kid loves to cuddle.

-He's a flirt! He flirts with every girl that says hello. He will smile and giggle and look away etc. The whole bit!

-I go get him weighed tomorrow so I'll keep you updated on all that.

-He has yet to roll all the way over but we've been practicing and he will go onto his side now. Yay!

So I'm officially done with school and I couldn't be happier! I didn't know that it was so exciting to stay home and change dirty diapers and do lots of dishes and laundry. I didn't realize that I could get so excited over such things but I really, truly am! Even though its not the life style many would choose, I can't imagine living any other way. It has been very difficult for me to leave Henry with a sitter ever day (no matter how amazing you are Lauren!) But now its done and I never have to leave again. I know some may say that I need to keep working to support my family but I say screw that! It might not be popular but there's no way I'm going to miss out on my babies first few years so that I can be popular! I am absolutely THRILLED to be a mommy and can't wait for the adventures that it brings!


  1. Being a mom is the hardest job EVER...but also the best! You are gonna be such a great little mama. And Henry is such a doll, I just want to squish him!

  2. AWWWWww YAY! So happy. Love this happy post and your happy family :) I wish we could have play dates! That's so cute that he is cuddly and flirty... Mav is not... he's more focused, intense, observant you could say. I want Henry to flirt with me ;) It's so interesting how babies are so different!