Monday, September 30, 2013

JC Penny

My mother and Grandmother each of a little "shrine" of seven month pictures in their homes of their children. I've always loved these little shrines because seven months is such a fun age and Its so fun to look back on the pictures of my sisters and I as well as my dad and aunts and uncles.

Needless to say, I want one of these shrines!

So being the classy (read poor) family that we are, I scrounged up some resources (read asked my mother) and got some pictures of Henry. Now I pride myself on being a photography connoisseur. I love modern photography and I understand that for a good photographer, sometimes you have to pay a little more. interestingly enough my resources suggested JC Penny. Now, like I said, I'm a photo snob! I tilted up my nose to the idea of getting my childs once in a lifetime portraits at JC Penny. Bleh! AMIRIGHT!

I caved and we went.

ummm Hello his pictures are adorable!!! Turns out that they are good enough and when you have an adorable baby like myself getting some good timeless pics is easy!!

Now heres a photo dump!


Grandpa was there so of course he had to jump in!


  1. Stopitrightnow!!!!!!! He is so CUTE!!!!! Also, I like to take pictures of cute babies. I'll take some for you anytime!!

  2. this is beyond cute....
    I want him.