Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Birth Story

I'm sure all three of my readers (hi syd and lisa) have been itching to hear my birth story so here it is!

                                                                   About to be parents!

So we had planned to be induced by Foley bulb on Monday the 11th and as we went into the doctor I was excited but also a little bummed because I really wanted the whole process to happen as naturally as possible. I only had 6 weeks of maternity leave however which made waiting a little impossible. There was just no way that I was going to go back to work with a 4 or 5 week old baby! So anyway, went to the doc and hallelujah! I was 3 cm dilated!! I could honestly have done a little dance! No foley bulb for this mama! We left and headed home. The next morning we called Labor and Delivery and they told us to come in to start the whole induction process. I was crazy nervous! I've heard such scary stats about being induced but I felt that it was the right thing to do so off we went at 6:30 in the morning. Bleh. They finally got all the paper work and everything done and I was hooked up by 8:30.

The doctor came in and tried to break my water but there was no way that was happening! It was super uncomfortable and in the end the doctor didnt feel quite comfortable doing it yet. I labored (who knew) until 1:30 until the doctor came in again and was finally able to break my water. It was the easiest 5 hours of my life! I read magazines and helped stephen with an exam that he had due that day. Easy! After my water was broken however I was in pain! Contractions started coming super abnormally and it was hard! There was no rhyme or reoson to them and it sucked! However, I was determined to labor as long as possible on my own before the epidural.

Here is why I finally caved.
-I was exhausted! I labored until 4:30 and my body (despite great breathing and relaxation skills) would not relax. I had been awake since 5:30 and had not gotten a good sleep the night before because I was so excited!
-I couldnt go anywhere. I was hooked up to so many machines and all I wanted was to get in the jacuzzi tub or walk around but I wasnt allowed. I was stuck in one spot and it sucked!
-Contractions hurt! I hate them

So i finally asked the nurse for the epidural and she checked me. I was devastated because I was only at a 4. boo. I was tempted to wait it out but knew that I needed a rest. The epidural man (what do they call those guys?!) came in and the nurse talked me through it. It was a little painful and not that fun.

Its funny because during our birthing class I was sure that I would want stephen holding me and cuddling me during contractions but everytime he got near me I was pissed and told him to clear out! I think it was just something i needed to go through by myself and I knew that he would not be able to help too much except for telling me to breath and relax which I was gosh dangit!!

So after the epidural I took a little nap, maybe 30 minutes. It was perfect though! I was still in a lot of discomfort but when the nurse checked me I had progressed to a 6-7! Hurray! Around that time, the epidural was wearing off so I pushed the button for more. Honestly it really didnt help that much because I was feeling ill. After my nurse left, I threw up everything in my stomach... awkwardddd. I dont know if I was feeling ill because of contractions or because of drugs. Who can really tell! By that time it was probably around 6 and I was having crazy bad back labor. The nurse came in to check me and I was a 9 1/2. Holy cow! How did that happen. I'm not ready for a baby. If I close my legs tight will he stay in there? ha! No.

I asked the nurse if I could push the button again because I was really starting to feel these contractions and I didn't like it! She said no! She said it was good that I was feeling contractions because I would know when to push. Bleh. Finally my friend Hannah got there (I wanted her to take pics for me and be my support in case Stephen fainted) and the doctor came in. All of a sudden there seemed to be a million people in my room. It was 6:30 and all was set up and ready to go. We did one practice push and the doctor was ready. Holy Fast! Slow down people. But they said no and told me that during the next contraction I needed to push because Henry's heart rate was all out of whack and that is not good! So I did. I pushed for the life of me! Honestly pushing really wasn't that bad. It was more a relief because I could actually do something during the horrible contractions. I was happy that I could feel when to push and the nurses told me I was a great pusher. I'm sure they tell that to everyone. Anyway, they got really serious there for a while which was scary but I just kept on pushing. Fifteen minutes later his head was out, and the chord was wrapped around his neck twice, hence the heart issue but the docotr unwrapped it and I pushed out the rest of him! I'm awesome!

They gave him to me right away and the first thing that struck me was how warm he was! He cuddled up to me right away and started rooting within 5 minutes and we were successfully breast feeding within 10! He was so perfect and looked just like Stephen. 8 lbs 5 oz and lots of hair! The nurses couldnt get over how big his hands and feet were.

At one point a nurse said, look at those feet! He must take after his daddy. Stephen recanted with "Hey! Dont put that on me, Shes the one with the huge feet!' Its true what can I say!

So there ya have it.
One induction
Two magazines
two hours of labor
One epidural
Ten hours of laboring
Fifteen minutes of pushing later
and I was the mama to a gorgeous little boy.


  1. Just for the record, I read this sometimes too :)
    You're such a brave Mamma, Sam! And Henry is totally adorable.

  2. Where did you go that they had a Jacuzzi tub? I would've taken down whoever stood in my way of that thing! haha

  3. I started crying when I read how he cuddled right up to you. I've become such a sap! Loved your birth story :)

  4. haha madison has a jacuzzi tub thing and I wanted in! But I was hooked to a bunch of wires and monitors and couldnt go anywhere. boo. and thanks Kaitlin and Megan!

  5. you are AWESOME! Good job mama! so jealous that he was a successful nurser from the start... so jealous. I love your story, it's so special. It really is too bad you couldn't get in the tub because the warm water is SOOO relaxing! I was so MAD when I had to get out because they wanted me to try a different position to see if it would help Mav's heart rate. You did it though! You are a strong and beautiful woman! remember that.

  6. Ok so I dont know why they wouldn't let you get in the jacuzzi! The minute they broke my water and even before they let me sit in the tub! So relaxing! And yes I wanted to do natural too but seriously that thing is wonderful when you are completely exhausted! You did great and Henry is such a stud! Love you syd!