Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

So easter Sunday started out rough for the Moore family. Stephen had a paper due at midnight which he didnt get done until 4 and Henry just didnt seem to want to sleep past 2 hours so we were all exhausted! Also yesterday Stephen and I had a to hang us a huge sign for the apartment complex that we manage and it took 7 hours and a huge ladder and it was really hard!

So basically this is what you get from us today...

We look exhausted and It was a struggle to say the least!

So we get to church and of course the baby is starving because
1. He hates me and doesnt want me to enjoy easter sunday
2. He is going through a growth spurt
3. He has a small tummy.
You choose.

So of course Im in the mothers lounge... lounging and trying to feed my baby with a dress on... awkward. It didnt have to be as hard as it was but, oh wait! Its on backwards. LOVELY. So after he eats, we go back in to sacrament meeting and ask my friend hannah to hold Henry for me while I use the bathroom.

Transition to sunday school.

We are sitting in sunday school waiting for the lesson to start when all of a sudden there is a lot of grunting and a huge release from the peanut gallery. Hannah freaks out thinking she got poop on her but thankfully was safe. Stephen takes the baby out because heaven forbid I do it cuz I was just feeding him for 6 hours! About 2 minutes later Stephen comes back with the baby half undressed to get me. I roll my eyes because it cant be THAT bad right?!

Rewind a few weeks. Henry's grandpa Moore came for his blessing. The Moore's got Henry this absolutely ADORABLE fluffy blue coverall Easter suit. I couldn't wait for him to wear it church Easter Sunday!

Fast Forward

Stephen comes to get me in sunday school. There has been a poop splosion. And when I say poop splosion... it was not good to say the least. Stephen reported that there had been three more instances of grunting and pooping that had taken place. Poop was EVERYWHERE. Up his back, down his back, in places that poop had never seen before! It had seeped through his onesie and onto his easter suit! NOOOO I was devestated! The onesie had to be thrown away and the resulting scene was me washing Henry in the church bathroom sink and returning to class with a baby in a onesie. (which I had thankfully just put in the diaper bag the night before!) How does this kind of thing happen?!?! Anyway I was devestated but glad because we got this cute picture of him!

So cute! And this next one is his Go Fight Win stance.

So basically it was an eventful first day at church for Mr. Henry. (meaning we actually stayed all three hours) and I can honestly say that I don't remember a word the speakers/teachers said! Huzzah!

Hoppy Easter by the way! Christ lives and he atoned for our sins! Sometimes I look at Henry and can't believe he just came from living with our Savior! I can't believe how blessed I am to have a family that I get to be with for eternity because my Brother, Jesus Christ was willing to make it so. 

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  1. aaahahahaha oh Sam you crack me up! I have to say... at least you have a mothers lounge! there are about 8 babies in our ward, no mothers lounge and the priesthood decided to claim the only foyer with a rocking chair for their meetings! annoying. Anyway... thanks for the laugh and Henry is super cute. P.s. Try laying the poop stained Easter suit in the sun, it has magical poop disappearing powers... at least for cloth diapers and i don't see why not for anything else poop stained, right?