Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Review-Baby Proofing Your Marriage

So about a month into having Henry welcomed into our family, I realized something. The strong base that Stephen and I had started with as a dating, engaged and married couple was quickly spiraling out of control as I became a crazy, controlling and hormonal new mother.

Me hormonal?!?! NEVER!!

My at times timid and adorable husband didnt know how to make me happy in this new role and we were struggling. Still very much in love and overall happy, but struggling to get comfortable in our new roles as parents and partners in this new adventure. Around 5 months I decided that I needed to change my attitude and I needed Stephen to know what I needed from him so that we could both be successful parents and a successful married couple.

Everyone tells you that the dynamic between you will change. There was times of complete adoration for this new father standing before me, craddling our beautiful baby, that we made together (crazy!), in his arms. And then there were moments of complete hatred (literally) for being left alone, or for him not understanding me or not helping me enough or blah blah blah. (disclaimer: Stephen is an amazing dad and I think I was having some serious hormonal shifts because he would drive me crazy sometimes!!!!) It hit me so hard that this was our first real test in our marriage and if we didnt do something about it, it could potentially rip us apart! (Ok mellow drama because hes stuck with me for eternity! But thats how it felt sometimes)

One day I was browsing on Amazon and typed in babyproofing. This led me to a few self help books which I'm not a huge fan of because HELLO I have the bible, book of Mormon, Pearly of Great Price and Doctorine and Covenants which are literally the best self help books ever! But I saw a title that I really liked and started reading reviews. The books is called Baby Proofing Your Marriage. The reviews were raving that this book was witty and carefully thought out on both sides of the "how do we do this parent thing together" argument and with one click (literally!) it was purchased and on its way to my house.

How could you be mad at this face?! Trust me its actually
easier than I thought. ha!
This book is everything and more that the reviews said. It was witty and comical and took a different approach to the dilemma that I was facing. I can honestly say that I love every single page. I would highly recommend reading this with your spouse/significant other but if you have a husband as busy as mine, just pick a few pages that really hit home and read it to him. Thats what we did and it really helped me articulate my thoughts on this topic that before had seemed so overwhelming that I didn't even know where to start!

I would recommend this book to every single married/dating/whatever couple that either has children, will have children in the future or is about to have children. It has potential to open lines of communication that you didn't even realize were closed and possibly save your sanity or your marriage.

Babies are not easy and they really take a toll on your relationship (don't believe anyone that says otherwise!) and this book can open your eyes to the needs of your partner and hopefully help you to be happier and more united in the future!!

Good Luck!


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