Monday, October 28, 2013

We went to Utah... again!

This past weekend Henry and I went down to Utah for a little birthday celebration for my mom and Shelby. We got down there on Friday afternoon and I took shelby and her BFF Tyler to the Imagine Dragons concert. It was actually really good and super fun! We had horrible seats unbeknownst to us but thankfully had the good sense to move and ended up pretty close to the stage. It was so much fun!

On Saturday we woke up and headed to Tyler's grandparents farm with his family. They had piglets, miniature cows, a miniature horse, fish, chickens, a donkey, and sheep. It was such a blast! Henry rode on everything possible, (obviously!) and we got to pet all the animals.

We then went to Ben and Johns ultimate frisbee game and watched them for a bit which was great! then we had lunch.

My family stole Henry and went to the petco adoption day and he got to pet all the animals. Its a good thing I wasn't there because baby + kitten=sam buys all the animals. Not good. (You cant tell but thats a kitten that he is petting)

We then had a little birthday dinner for my mom which was so fun except Henry was in a bad mood which was surprisingly stressful. We got through it though and headed back to rexburg on Sunday.

Good times had by all!

Grumpy cat faces... and John.

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