Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cloth cloth cloth cloth cloth

So I've been putting this post off for a while because I'm lazy...

Here we go!

What you need to be a successful cloth diaperer with as little poop issues and nasty as possible!

1. Cloth diapers.
This is a no brainer and yet probably the hardest thing that you will every do if you choose to cloth diaper. I currently use only Bumgenius 4.0 pocket diapers. This was not how it started however and it has been a long road. I previously wrote about my process with cloth and I'll paraphrase a bit right now. I went crazy with cloth. I bought 7 different kinds of cloth diapers and when Henry weighed 12 lbs we started. I tried fuzzibunzrumparoozbabykicksGo greenKawaii babyTots bots and of course bumgenius 4.0.

You DO NOT have to be this crazy. I just got really excited and wanted to try them all. I'll do a review post tomorrow about my thoughts and feelings on all of these diapers but for now I will just keep talking about what you need!

2. 1 Small wetbag- I use planetwise but get whatever you want because there are some dang cute ones out there!
This wet bag is for your diaper bag. When you have a wet or soiled diaper out on the road you just throw it in your diaper bag and take care of it at home. Its pretty much exactly like throwing the diaper away, except not... because you take care of it later. The small wet bag is  a MUST HAVE. Dont be crazy and get a wetbag. It keeps the smell in and i've never had an issue with stinkiness.

3. 2 trash cans-
I use a very standard 13 gallon trash can that we got at target for like 20 bucks. It works just as well as any fancy one and it was half the price.  Again, we are dealing with poop here so dont go crazy! I put 2 trash cans because we still use one disposable diaper at night. Now I don't know if I made this clear earlier but I am lazy. I'm not going to wake up at 2 AM, see that my child's diaper has leaked and have the energy to change his sheets. Nope, I'm not that mom. Hence the disposable. I use the other trash can to throw this diaper and my disposable wipes into.

4. 1 large wet bag- again I have a planet wise pail liner, but do what you want!
This is to line the trash can that you put your diapers in. Its pretty self explanatory and a must have because after you spray your diapers clean you dont want to ruin your trash can and have that stink running rampant in your bathroom! This bag keeps the stink in really well and i've had no problems!

5. Diaper sprayer-  I use the Bumgenius diaper sprayer.
This is an absolute, no questions asked, must have. We got this one because it had great reviews and so far I've loved everything about it. Easy to install, easy to reinstall after moving, easy to use and extremely powerful. I've had no problems and only great poop spraying success! * NOTE* breastfed poop does not need to be sprayed off. It is water soluble and can go right into the wash. the diaper sprayer is for formula and solids.

6. Spray pal-
As I've mentioned in the past I hate poop. I mean lets be honest, who doesnt hate poop. Its disgusting and I feel that children should be potty trained at 1 hour old but thats simply not the way things are done. So here we are. spraying poop into the toilet and gagging a little every time. I hated doing this at first and then I found my most beloved cloth friend the spray pal!!!! Now, dont gag at what I say next but the truth of the matter is, the diaper sprayer can be powerful and if your not careful, poop can fly and you will end up cleaning your bathroom a lot. The spray pal is like this little genius friend who just wants your toilet to be happy and poop free! Get it, use it and thank me later!

7. Cloth wipes-
These are a give and take cloth product. I used cloth wipes for a while and really really liked them. Its a little gross to pick your disposable wipes out of the diaper and throw them away before spraying out your diaper. Cloth you can just throw right into the wet bag. At the same time, disposable wipes are very easy as well and are what I use today. The cloth wipes were mostly just a little too much of a hassle so I reverted back to disposables and theyve been working great! Its really up to you!
8. A washer and dryer-

9. Cloth diaper safe detergent-
I wash all my cloth in Charlies soap. I bought the big version of this soap 7 months ago when we started cloth and I still have half of the bottle left! It goes a long way and is super cheap! I had a few months in the beginning where I was using way to much detergent and my diapers started to leak. After I stripped them and started using less detergent, all was well and happy!

10. Bac out
This stuff is AMAZING!! Its gets out poo stains (although sunning your diapers is the best way to do this) food stains, cat puke stains (lovely i know) everything stains, this is my go to!

So there ya have it, cloth diapering needs 101. I love using cloth and will no doubt be using it with my next child as well!  let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them!

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