Saturday, April 7, 2012

The 1st DIY

OOOK! I am so proud of my DIY. This is what I did.
First I found some frames. Some from walmart, some from T.J. Maxx etc. all different sizes and such. I wanted some round frames but had zero luck in finding any.

2nd I bought some paint. My friend Barbara and I went to home depot and picked us up some red paint.

3rd-I spray painted. For the first time in my life I spray painted. It was very stressful!

4th- the picture frames dried.

5th- I bought some pictures to go into the frames. I like walgreens becuase they are quick and nice to work with.

6th- I reunited frames with glass and insides. This was not an easy process and took about 2 hours. If I were to do it again I would have gone through and numbered the glass and insides to the frames so that the chance of breaking glass and messing up the project all together would have been less. You can use painters tape (the blue tape from Walmart) to procure this process.

7th- I bought and swear by Command Brand picture hanging strips. I always get the velcro ones because you can buy them in (semi)bulk and they work really well. Slap a few of those on your picture frames! Do not take the seal off of one of the sides because you will need it for the next step.

8th-Arrange the frames the way that you want them on the floor! This will help when you actually start to put them on the wall. I also suggest taking a picture of the display so that you can follow it more closely when you are actually hanging them up.

9th-get your husband. At least that's what I did because I can not measure for anything. In my collage of frames, I wanted our silhouettes to be facing each other and to be equally spaced. The silhouettes come from She did a great job with these cake toppers and it was very easy and inexpensive on our part. Anyway, so my husband measured these and figured out all that stuff. Then we just started going at it, following our picture the whole way through.

Here's the finished product!

 Side view!

Front view!

And that's all there is too it folks!

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