Thursday, April 12, 2012

Big girl Job

I started my first big girl job on Monday. I am officially a PSR worker (psycho social rehabilitation). I work with children and teens helping them to learn social skills and raise their self-esteem. Basically I'm pretty darn good at it and I think I'm really going to enjoy doing it for a while! Its fun to have something to do. It was getting really boring hanging out all day with my cat. I also started an ISAT proctering job at a middle school. So I get to do that a few hours every day for the next three weeks as well! The husband pointed out to me yesterday that I am officially an adult because I am working more now than I ever have in my entire life... I said "HEY I count school as a job!" so there! But he is right, this is the most I've ever worked in my life and it's a hard job! A lot of sad things happen in PSR because theres a lot of mental illness going on. Anyway, its a great place for me to be right now and I really am enjoying it so far! Wish me luck! We've got bills to pay for heavens sake!

We look like gosh darn idiots! yes we taped our noses to our foreheads... it was fun! (P.S) this pic was taken before we were married-weird.

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