Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Oreo

They've done it again! Now I'm a big fan of mint Oreos.Yes I LOVE THEM.  I could literally devour the entire box in a sitting, hence why I never buy them. So, the other day The husband and I walk into Walgreen's which we rarely do. I think we were picking up some pictures, when all of a sudden a sneak attack on my peripheral vision caused me to rapidly turn around and there in front of me was God's gift to human kind. BIRTHDAY CAKE OREOS.

 Literally this is a brain child of two of my favorite things, cake and Oreos. UGH! What is a girl to do?! I've been trying to be healthy but Oreos' only turns 100 once amiright?! So we buy a box. And yes, they were everything I expected and more. It was a literally party in my mouth. We also may or may not have bought another box in the recent past.

Sadly this one was the last at Walgreens and I fear that it may be the last for a very long while. If they do make a return I will not squander my new found addiction but rather indulge by creating birthday cake Oreo cupcakes and pie etc. Trust me, it will be blog worthy. Until then!

True joy.

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