Saturday, April 14, 2012


So yesterday, the Hubs and I are getting ready for bed. Now if you didnt already know, we have a cat. Our cat penny is not allowed in our room because I have pretty bad allergies and have no desire to wake up sneezing and puffy eyed. Anyway, our kitty has never been in our room before and she knows shes not supposed to because we are constantly having to fend her off from escaping through the door! Shes a crazy ninja cat too so I've been pretty positive she's going to try to weasle herself in any day now. So yesterday, the Hubs and I are getting ready for bed. We are sitting in bed chatting, when all of a sudden our crazy NINJA CAT tries to jump up on the bed! It scared me half to death! Anyway she didn't make it on the bed, and we swiftly threw her outside. Now you may think ohhh she's learned her lesson, NOT TRUE, she sat meowing like a crazy for thirty minutes and then tried to jump into our room again. She's such a crazy! but I love her. I think she feels left out but until she gets a good bath, she is not coming into our room.

Also I think she has a crush on my husband because while he's at work, instead of hanging out with me, she goes and lays among his clothes until he comes home. ha! She's in love!

True hate! love!

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